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I have come to work on more balance and emotional stability. I also don't want anti-depressants anymore.

I have come to work on more balance and emotional stability. I also no longer want anti-depressants (which I take in a low dose for several months). The four treatments each triggered a lot. I could tell this from many things. My appearance and face are completely different. I also notice that many things are coming off, because after the treatment I always started dreaming very intensely. So all kinds of things let go. My family members also notice the change very clearly. Sangitha senses exactly where things are stuck and has a very effective way of loosening them. I am very happy with that and very grateful for it.

Harriet (August 2009)

Confident Businesswoman

She gave me strength when I needed to be strong

I met Sangitha ji many years ago and since then it has been connection, friendship, coming home. She gave me strength when I needed to be strong, peace when I needed rest, treatments when I needed health, direction when everything seemed confused. I regained my connection with spirituality that was there, but lost under layers of daily to-do lists, through the power of sheer surrender. I recommend following her Satsangs, I practice yoga, pranayama, meditation regularly and I can tell you that she is unique in her way of explaining the concepts of the Ancients texts in a clear and understandable way to anyone who another culture comes. With love, Jai Sai


Moonlit Night

At night I slept for a few hours, during the day I was exhausted and depressed

Due to the many positive reviews on Google, I contacted Sangitha. For four months my night's sleep was limited to just one or two hours, during the day I was exhausted and depressed. Mainstream medicine soon called it “a burn out”. Unfortunately, the proposed treatment took a long time, so I turned to Acupuncture and other alternative healers. This brought no improvement, and after many months of worrying about my physical and mental health, I was at my wits end. On Friday, May 4, I called Ayurveda Palms and my first appointment was made on Sunday, May 20. In the meantime, Sangitha would go to relatives in India. On Saturday I contacted again to say that I would be available at all hours if a patient would cancel on Saturday.
To my great joy, an appointment was made especially for me at 19.00! Sangitha put off preparing for her trip for a while, because she understood the urgency. After her treatment I immediately slept well for two days. Eight weeks and six treatments later I was able to sleep every day again and my physical and mental health improved with great steps. In doing so, we have become friends. Sangitha is a very special woman and healer, so highly recommended.



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