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I am deeply grateful to my spiritual teacher, whose name I hold very close to my soul, for giving me the power to house his teachings and empower all those around me!

Sangitha Khosla
   Ayurvedic Health Counselor 

Empower all around me

Today I am living a life which is so blessed and it is so miraculous that I am on a mission to help everyone on the journey to achieve the same state of unlimited happiness. I thank my Master for the anugraha and for the blessings to be able to help in today's world. We offer our special blend of treatments and besides that:

To help each of us to be healthy, healed and happy, we developed the Ayurvedic Prana Module, an approach to  

  • Balance the body

  • Nourish the mind

  • Awaken the soul

and thus provide you with everything you need for unlimited happiness.​


Medical Background

MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery

Sangitha studied medicine with honors at the age of 23 at Bangalore University, MS Ramaiah Medical College. She was the best student of her year for five years in a row.

Specialisation of Dermatology

Sangitha specialized as a dermatologist at Safdarjung Hospital in New Delhi, where she worked for 10 years.

Stepping into her father's footstepts

Pranic Energy Healing

Then she moved to South India, worked for 3 years as a Pranic Energy Healer in Pondicherry.

MD Alternative Medicine , Major Psychology

She completed the 4-year training in Alternative Medicine with a specialization in Psychology. Sangitha was born into a family of doctors.


From an early age, she helped her father, who was a renowned doctor in South India, in his clinic and learned to master the emotions of compassion towards everyone. Sangitha has a character characterized by constant self-reflection and a passion to learn from everyone. She likes to promote thoughts of self-respect, self-confidence and self-love. Every cell of her body is grateful for every day that she can wake up in health and do her work.

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