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The Power of Faith

Release everything that doesn't belong to you. Everything is changing: times, thoughts, people, the way we approach, the way we talk, the way we show love, relationships. With everything changing the situation has changed. We don't kiss each other 3 times on meeting anymore and we don't hug like we used to.

With all these things changing, there is one thing that has not changed or should not change.

Don't change your faith

Don't change your faith! Your faith in yourself, your master, your relationships, your work.

My faith, repeat after me:

My faith has the power to turn trauma into healing.

My faith has the power to turn a conflict into growth.

My faith has the power to turn my fear into love.

We should belong to someone or someone should belong to us. In matters of spirituality, ingenuity and intelligence are of no use. If you want to attain your own good, you should behave without pride.

The diploma in spirituality is oneness (salvation)


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