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A year ago I was on the verge of collapse

Sanghita ji from Ayurveda Palms literally saved my life. After reading the Google reviews and following my feelings, I booked my first consultation with Sangitha ji. Now a year later I look back on an unforgettable and magical experience. My mental and physical health has gotten a huge boost thanks to her. A year ago I was on the verge of collapse. I hardly had any more energy to do anything and my asthma bothered me a lot. On my last bit of energy I took the time and effort to travel to her. I felt she was the only one who could help me after trying everything. And it was.
Now I have a zoom session with her once in a while. Ideal and just as effective as a live treatment. Although it is of course nicer to see her in person, I am glad that she can help me from a distance.
Are you at your wits' end, have you tried everything to get better, does the doctor not take your complaints seriously? Do not hesitate. Book a consultation and give it a shot. Be open to it and try it. I wish I had done years ago. Besides feeling much better now, I have also gained a lot of insights thanks to her. Sanghita is a very wise and very knowledgeable lady who will treat you with a lot of love. Sanghita is love.


I was emotionally broken inside and could no longer function

I was emotionally broken inside and could no longer function as a mother and at work. I was very normal to the outside world but my inner world was deep in chaos. I didn't really understand what was going on and how to get out. At the wellness store I was advised to take a good holistic massage. No idea what that entailed, so I went Google and found Ayurveda Palms among other options in Rotterdam. The reviews on Google appealed to me the most. I made an appointment and didn't know what to expect. Super sober from my previous appointment with a client, I sat on the couch and waited for my turn while I filled out an intake form. The ladies were very nice and offered me tea with a smile. Before I could finish my tea it was my turn. I went to a room where Sangitha was sitting. She looked at me and I saw that she could see my pain. She introduced herself and started asking some introductory questions. She didn't say anything directly but I knew she saw it and she looked at it with love. Most people who can see my pain quickly look away. I felt accepted by her. She asked a number of questions and I answered coolly and neatly. Until she poked through and a cascade of tears came from my eyes. I didn't know why and I couldn't stop them. She knew how to ask the right questions to get to the deepest wounds in my body and mind. The physical complaints I had were due to the emotional wounds. We're going to work on it, she said. How she accepted my situation as a real thing, and how she turned it into a project to recover me, gave me the strength to fight for myself. Already after my second session I felt grounded, a lot stronger, and I felt a little flame of love in my heart for myself. I look forward to my next session!


My health problems and lack of energy had completely disappeared

I am more of an analytical-scientific person and would probably never have undergone Ayurvedic treatment. I never thought that I would travel from Munich to Rotterdam several times a year for such a treatment. After watching my wife be cured of decades of illness, I couldn't deny its effectiveness and was willing to undergo treatment myself. Dr. Sangitha Khosla has fully respected this from the beginning, explaining in detail the scientific background of Ayurvedic treatment and its spirituality based on her academic training as a physician and psychologist. The treatment worked wonderfully for me too: my health problems and the years of supposed lack of energy were completely gone, I felt an energy like I hadn't had in many years. I would like to thank Dr.Sangitha Khosla, Dr Vir Mahadev Singh Khosla and the Ayurveda Palms team for the past year and the great work they are doing! I can only recommend to everyone to undergo a treatment and experience the effectiveness for yourself!


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