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1 Introduction

This is the cookie statement of Ayurveda Palms. Here you will find information that relates to the cookies that Ayurveda Palms (possibly) places on your devices. These can be devices such as computers, smartphones, tablets and laptops. Ayurveda Palms uses cookies to offer you as a visitor an optimal service and user experience. Ayurveda Palms will request permission for the use of certain cookies via the cookie banner.

At the moment we only use cookies on this site to analyze traffic, remember your preferences and offer you optimal ease of use. These cookies are anonymous and do not require consent.

What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files that are placed on a PC, mobile phone or tablet by an internet page. These text files collect certain data. What data a cookie collects differs per type of cookie. This may be data related to the operation of the website, or data that may form a 'profile' of visitors for analysis purposes. There are three different types of cookies, each of which has its own function. This concerns analytical cookies, necessary/functional cookies and marketing cookies. Below we offer you an overview of the cookies that are placed by Iris de Goede. All cookies are categorized according to their function. These cookies are displayed with the terms used by the cookies themselves.


1.1 Necessary/functional
Necessary and functional cookies are used to make certain functions of the website work properly. For example, consider the pop-up for the cookie banner. Below you see an overview of the necessary and functional cookies that Ayurveda Palms places. The storage period is also displayed.





















1.2 Analytical
Analytical cookies keep track of visitor usage on the website. This data is only intended to map out how the Ayurveda Palms website functions, and where improvements are possible. By using analytical cookies, it is possible, for example, to keep track of whether a
page of the website loads correctly. Below you will find an overview of the analytical cookies on the Ayurveda Palms site and what the functions of these cookies are. The storage period is also displayed.
















1.3 Marketing cookies
Marketing cookies are used to show targeted advertisements to visitors to Ayurveda Palms. When you look up a term related to Ayurveda Palms, you can see an advertisement of Ayurveda Palms
get to see. This advertisement may also appear based on your internet behaviour. In addition, the cookies used by social media are also displayed here. The reason is that these cookies are also used for advertisements. Below you will find an overview of the marketing cookies that Ayurveda Palms uses and what the function of these cookies is. The storage period is also displayed.









Do you have any questions about our cookie policy? Please feel free to contact us using the details below. Would you like to know more about our privacy method? Please also view our privacy statement.

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