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More than 130 clients have left a 5 star Google review. They tell their story and are therefore often a reason for others to take the step to get in touch. Below you will find some reviews.


"After a long search, I ended up with Ayurveda palms. The first treatment with Dr. Sanghita was very special for me. I was quite skeptical at first, but that changed immediately after the first treatment. I felt the stress and negative feelings disappear "This was really special for me! I immediately felt very calm and reborn, I had no stress at all. After every treatment I feel a lot better and stronger.
Dr. Sanghita is also a sweet and calming woman who thinks along with you and is very honest. I am very happy and grateful to have found Ayurveda palms and recommend it to everyone."


Emotional imbalance


"Full of conviction and gratitude that I came to Aryurveda Palms from Dr. Sangitha . After looking for an aryurvedic doctor, I came to Dr. Sangitha because of the positive reviews. My life is thanks to Dr. Sangitha is improving and changing tremendously During the first consultation I finally felt understood  Dr. Sangitha made me feel comfortable and trusted through her loving personality, warmth and respect I suffered from depression. As a result, not a day went by that I only got angry and was easily emotional I have one kidney and my kidney function was not working optimally Clear progress of my health is the following, my depression has been resolved, my anger I can control and my kidney function has increased from 60% to 75%.
Since I have been treated by Dr. Sangitha, I have become a different person. Through the chakra healings and spiritual treatments, the aryurvedic medication has also helped me to be who I am. My cheerful personality is back. I am immensely grateful to 'God' for showing me the way to Dr. Sangitha. God bless Dr. Sanghita'!"



"No one in the medical world could help me. I had been in pain for a long time and retained a lot of fluid. I found Sangitha on the internet and her beautiful appearance in the photo immediately appealed to me. After the intake with her I was pleasantly surprised. I now getting treatments to loosen my fluids i eat differently and use herbs all this has caused me to lose a lot of fluids and go through life pain free every time it's nice to go because you are always in full rest comes out. I really advise everyone to go to her and especially if you think there is no help for you, there is and I am an example of that."



"Dr. Khosla is one of a kind in the field of alternative medicine and holistic healing for mind and body. Personally, I like to call her my guru as she has helped me immensely in finding and managing a healthy lifestyle, especially between 1. my body (healed my stress induced chronic back pain through her yoga/Ayurvedic teachings and treatments), 2. and my mind (through meditation and pranayama) but more importantly helped guide me in the journey and the purpose of my life. Every interaction with her is with great care, warmth and an enlightening moment. You always leave Ayurveda Palms full of positive energy and want to share it with the world around you. Unfortunately, I have moved from Rotterdam in the meantime, but it was a privilege to learn and benefit from her healing and teaching work.”


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