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Sangitha has brought me back into balance with my soul, body and mind

Sangitha is a special woman. When I first met her I got goosebumps and the hair stood on end on my arms. I went to the practice with a friend who is seriously ill, she had a consultation and spontaneously an hour later I had an intake. It was a special conversation. I have never felt so much in a conversation, a cesspool opened and all the puzzle pieces fell into place. This was followed by a number of panchakarma treatments and I have not felt so good in times and have been so close to myself. Then to think that my doctor wanted to refer me to a psychologist ...

Sangitha has brought me back into balance with my soul, body and mind. Eventually the appointment with a psychologist was canceled because that was simply not necessary.

If you are not feeling well and the medical world cannot explain it, a consultation with Sangitha is a way out. Sometimes there is so much more going on than just the physical and my experience is that Sangitha can get that back into balance. I am happy to have found Sangitha, she opened me up completely within 1 conversation, I feel more free than ever :).



It's great that you don't need many words, everything is non-verbal

I am happy to share my experience about Sangitha's treatments. I have been a regular customer of hers for over 8 years and I felt at home from the first moment I walked into her house in Rotterdam. Sangitha doesn't need much to understand what your body needs. She is at home in all areas and, as far as I am concerned, absolutely skilled: in the medical, energetic, spiritual, emotional, physical area, you name it, she controls everything and deals with the customers in a very pleasant way. It's great that you don't need many words, sometimes we talk a lot, sometimes not at all. And everything goes non-verbally.

She has the ability to bring your body back into perfect balance with her magical hands. In particular, a lot of extras happen between the massage applications. I do not experience one treatment as the same. You come back completely reborn, in balance and happy off the massage table. She also gives extra nutritional advice and you can purchase her natural products from Belance without any obligation to complete the total picture.

I spend a lot of time abroad for my work, but know that I am being “treated” by Sangitha from a distance, it sounds vague, but there is always a kind of spiritual, virtual energy over me. This gives you a lot of confidence and security, especially in hectic, stressful and busy periods. I can advise everyone to undergo a treatment with her and to experience for themselves what it is like, and hopefully just like me, come out of the treatments with a smile and a lot of positive energy.


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