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The lessons I learned about myself and life in India have given me a new vision of life

I have been living in the Netherlands for 30 years. I am highly sensitive and spiritual. Very sensitive to light and sound and the feelings of people around me. Since 2009 I have my own company with clients in 17 countries, offices in the Netherlands and Singapore. Besides the busy life I have always been there for other people and often forgot myself. The stressful existence that I have brought me physical complaints: Daily nosebleeds, grinding teeth in my sleep, high blood pressure behind my eyes and finally 10 kilos overweight, too much alcohol and not enough sleep. Worked myself out, invested a lot of money, but didn't really know why.

In 2012 I came to visit Sangitha for the first time. At the time had already been to various therapists with the aim of removing the stress from my body. Every treatment of Sangitha achieved the goal. This was always for a short period, because I just stepped back into my own life so the stress built up again. Which made me go back to Sangitha. So a kind of cycle had arisen which should not really be the intention.

At the first consultation in 2012, Sangitha immediately indicated that I would benefit from going to India. In June 2015 I went to Ooty in India for two weeks and Sangitha was right. The lessons I learned there about myself and life have given me a new vision of life. Now I am working hard to master this new lifestyle and I am already seeing results: Physical, Mental and Spiritual. It improves my relationship with myself and private relationships and brings me business success.



Sangitha is full of endless energy to help her students grow. With her lessons learned in Greece, I feel closer to my life purpose

Sangitha is a wonderful Ayurveda teacher, full of endless energy to share her experiences with her students and help them grow. With her lessons learned during the retreat in Greece, I have been practicing my daily routine of bhakti yoga, while studying Ayurveda and Indian philosophy, since May this year. I feel that I am much closer to my life purpose and I can inspire and help people around me to become their best .. I feel that I have much more energy to deal with the daily hectic in the triangle of work / home / myself , while staying positive. The Vedic Sundays are a great inspiration for me to connect with Divine and think about how to get rid of my personal ego and serve people who need me more. When the student is ready, the teacher appears. I am very grateful to God for meeting Sangitha.



Sangitha is an inspiring and charismatic teacher

Yesterday was the first day of the 3-day workshop on Ayurveda. Whow, what a stunning course. Beautiful diagrams and a great and complete overview of the basics of Ayurveda. Sangitha Khosla is an inspiring and charismatic teacher. She talks about "easy Ayurveda" and she makes Ayurveda understandable for everyone. Just as she did with all the Vedas and knowledge shared in the 110 Satsangs prior to this course. I am so grateful to be able to participate. I look forward to next week's course.



I learned a lot about Ayurveda in two hours

Yesterday I did the first part of the Ayurveda workshop. In two hours I learned so much about the wisdoms from Ayurvedic teachings. So far I have followed many courses, spiritual, Ayurvedic, yoga, Chi Kung etc etc. Sangitha Khosla has shared the most important information with us so clearly. Thanks to this clear explanation, all collected information and wisdom from all courses is connected at once. This workshop has brought together many separate pieces in one go. Great achievement! I am very grateful! I will definitely be back next Sunday!


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