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I have been suffering from acne a lot since I was 12

I have been suffering from acne since I was 12 and I am now 26 ("you will grow over it, many people said"). I visited around 6 specialists (dermatologists, skin doctors, beauticians, nutritionist) and tried many (expensive) products, treatments and medication. But nothing worked for me. I am very insecure about my skin, sometimes so much so that I avoid social situations and don't dare to be in the foreground. I also felt unhappy and stressed. Then I heard about Ayurveda and how it has already helped so many people. I found Ayurveda Palms on google because she had the best reviews and seemed the most reliable to me. At the first appointment I felt immediately understood and felt like I could let go of my worries a bit. Sanghita (the doctor) was confident it would be all right. I then received herbal capsules and creams with me and I was advised to change some things in my diet. And I have received chakra treatments, which give me peace and energy. Now 5 months later my skin is very beautiful! Now and then a pimple when I have eaten something wrong. But I am really very happy with my skin, it is also much less red and painful. And in daily life I feel happier and I am less stressed.



I had eczema on my hand. Now I have used miracle paste and it has gotten better

I had eczema on my back. I met the doctor at Rath Yatra's. I bought miracle paste from her and spread it on my hand two to three times a day from that day on. Thank goodness it has already gotten better. I've always had a lot of eczema and it never got better. I got medicine from the pharmacy, then I got better, but after a while it came back. Now I have used miracle paste and it has gotten better.



Now after 10 days my 2 children's eczema has disappeared for about 75%. I certainly call it a miracle

Do not ask me where I have not been with my 2 children to treat their eczema complaints. I have always believed in Ayurveda and yet this is the last in line that I have chosen. On July 8, 2009, the kids received their first treatment for eczema. Now after 10 days their eczema has disappeared for about 75%. I certainly call it a miracle. I myself have also received treatments for migraines (headaches). To be honest, I don't have enough words to write what good the Ayurvedic treatments have done for us. We thank Dr. Sangitha from the bottom of our hearts. I hope the doctor may triumph with her practice.



After four treatments the rosacea was completely gone

I walked by and then Dr. Sangitha came out. We had a conversation and my first treatment on August 7. My face was swollen, I was itchy, slept badly and my arms and back were full too. I also suffer from depression and anxiety for 19 years. My face made me even more depressed because it didn't look like it. And now, after four treatments, it's completely gone, it's a miracle. I am happy that my face is back to normal. Every week I had a treatment with the products miracle paste and aloe vera cream and aloe vera pure gel and a rosa mask. The doctor in the hospital didn't know where that allergy came from today, he couldn't give a diagnosis, so I got ointments and tablets for the itching, but that didn't help. I am glad I went inside Sangitha. I had passed by many times and was in doubt, should I do it or not, because I had already tried so many. Sangitha said right away that she could help me and already knew after 2 treatments that it was rosacea in my face. She just kept thinking and looking for what it could be, doctors really don't. Thank you Sangitha and the products that cured it.



I have hidradenitis suppurativa, a painful chronic skin condition

I ended up at Ayurveda Palms with a diagnosis of hidradenitis suppurativa. This is an annoying and painful chronic skin condition. I have now had many deroofing surgeries since I was 16 years old. And I went to various doctors and hospitals that unfortunately did not yield anything. It is amazing that after my second treatment at Sanghita the pains have almost disappeared. It has been years since I feel so good now. The treatments are great. At the intake, Sangitha indicated that I must be patient. I would basically need at least 3 months of pain treatment. My inflammations with severe pains were a struggle for me every day. I was constantly tired physically and psychologically. Now 2 weeks later my daily pains have disappeared, this is very magical for me. I thank the gods for this and for the fact that Sangitha helps me in this.



I have had canker sores for years, these are very painful wounds

Because of the many good responses on google, I ended up at Sanghita. I've had mouth sores for years. These are very painful wounds that I regularly had on my tongue, gums, etc. I have been to the doctor for years and unfortunately they could not tell me how to prevent canker sores. Since I've been with Sanghita I haven't had any canker sores. During the intake interview she gave me advice to prevent canker sores. In addition, I felt very tired and I had a lot of stress and fatigue. I have had a number of chakra treatments and this gives me peace and gives more energy in my daily life. I am very grateful to Sanghita. She is a lovely woman and I am always received with a lot of warmth and love.



I felt that Sangitha could immediately see and understand the stress I was going through with the inflammation my face and body

When I first talked to Sangitha, I felt that she could immediately see and understand the stress I was going through with the inflammation on my face and body. I found it easy to open up to her, and this helped me find the strength to try overcome the stress. Sangitha also gave excellent advice and techniques to help me bring down the inflammation. Within around two weeks, I already saw a lot of improvement with the inflammation going down.


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