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I was housebound and in bed or on the couch

I first met Sangitha in 2012. I was very sick, I was in pain all over. And after seeing 31 doctors, specialists and a range of alternative healers, the prospect was hopeless. I was housebound and in bed or on the couch. I was too sick to do anything else. The active life from before was unthinkable.

A ray of hope arose after our first conversation and with SAI Baba's blessing, Sangitha helped me return to life. After years of searching, I finally came home. I really wanted to go to India and that gave rise to a powerful motivation. A year ago I made my first trip to India. This was life-changing. Gradually I regained the self-confidence and the strength to participate in society.

The lessons Sangitha and SAI Baba teach me about life have transformed me into a better person. And with this knowledge I continue my journey towards my life purpose in love, joy and devotion.


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