Ayurveda Palms

Health and wellness clinic

Founding Palms in India1997

Ayurveda Palms Rotterdam 2004

Health Insurance code for Psychosocial Therapy and Naturopathy 2004

Offices in Lithuania, Poland and Germany

Healing Journeys to India, Greece, Lithuania

Vedic products to support the healing process

Published books on Ayurveda in Lithuania 2019/2020

Award Vocational Education Business for educating MBO students in clinic Rotterdam 2019

Mission Ayurveda Palms

Every day we face challenges and we do not give up. We really want to make a difference by going deeper in helping people. We don't like to leave anything to chance. We believe that a positive result can only be achieved if a treatment is accompanied by personal attention, love and compassion. Every person is special to us.

Our experience is that often we have been able to make a good diagnosis, take pain away, dispel darkness and generate new energy in our clients. Most treatments result in immediate relief. Our approach is different, our way is unique. Since 1997, our clinic has helped many people and we are also here to help you.


MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery

Specialization in Dermatology

Pranic energy healing


MD in Alternative Medicine 

Major in Psychology

At the University of Bangalore Sangitha graduated cum laude at the age of 23 as a doctor of medicine. She received a Certificate of Excellence for being the best of her year for 5 years in a row.

Sangitha specialized as a Dermatologist in the Safdarjung hospital in New Delhi where she worked for 10 years. Then she moved to South India, worked as a pranic energy healer for 3 years and graduated a 4 year course as Medical Doctor in Alternative Medicine with a Major in Psychology.


Sangitha is born in a family of doctors. From a young age she helped her father, who was a renowned doctor in South India, in his clinic and learned from him by example. She learned how to imbibe the emotions of compassion towards all and how to make healing products. In Pondicherry she was first recognized as a pranic energy healer. Sangitha is of a character of continuous self-reflection and has a passion to learn from everyone. She loves to promote thoughts of self-respect, self-esteem and self-love. 


'I am in deep gratitude to my spiritual teacher, who's name I keep very close to my soul, for giving me the power to house his teachings and to strengthen one and all around me.'


Monday - Friday


10:00am - 7:00pm

10:00am - 5:00pm




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