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Ayurveda Palms is run by Sangitha Khosla. A qualified and experienced medical health professional and accelerator of vital life energy and happiness through Ayurveda, chakra therapy, Divine energy, spiritual love and education.


Do you also want to feel more harmony and experience the joy of being alive? Sangitha helps courageous people to take a leap of faith towards more self-appreciation and happiness. Together, we concretise the dream and start the journey that might change your life forever. With 36 years of experience and more than 45,000 consultation hours, Sangitha knows how to stimulate:

  • Positive results in respect of depression, addiction, chronic stress, burn-out, pain, PTSS, imbalances and chronic health issues caused by physical, mental and emotional stress

  • More harmony within you and around you

  • High emotional health: independent, courageous and fearless

You deserve good things. You are a worthy soul! Focus all your energies to build your new future. Your purpose. And the result: More light and love for your soul, feelings of peace, calm and comfort and an irresistible attraction.

'It is my private dream to see everyone happy and to hold all of us in harmony together.'


  • An intake, chakra consultation, psychosocial consultation, naturopathic consultation or spiritual education and guidance costs € 60 per 30 minutes.

  • A prana chakra treatment or mantra treatment costs € 75 per 30 minutes and can be booked from 60 minutes.


Health insurance reimbursement

Sangitha is affiliated with various professional associations including the RBCZ, TCZ and VBAG. As a result, naturopathic consultations and psychosocial consultations are often eligible for reimbursement under the health insurance if you have additional insurance. For more information see the FAQ . It also allows you to use a complaints procedure in case you have a complaint and we cannot resolve it together.


Naturally, we follow the hygiene and Covid-19 precautions of the National Institute for Public Health and Environmental Hygiene, RIVM, at the clinic.


If you come to the clinic, please bring your own mouth mask and water bottle.



Monday - Friday


10:00am - 7:00pm

10:00am - 5:00pm




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