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Frequently asked questions

Is a consultation or treatment reimbursed?

  • Sangitha is affiliated with the professional organization VBAG and registered with the RBCZ / TCZ, umbrella organization for the CAM therapist, Registertherapeut. Most health insurers reimburse the consultations and treatments.

  • To be eligible for reimbursement, you must have taken out additional insurance. The consultations and treatments are alternative medicine and fall under the heading of ortho-manual medicine, psychosocial therapy and / or naturopathic medicine. Your deductible is not addressed.

  • Before your first consultation, consult your health insurer to see whether you are eligible for reimbursement. In many cases (part of) the treatment is reimbursed.

How much does a consultation or treatment cost?

  • An intake, chakra consultation, psychosocial consultation, naturopathic consultation or spiritual education and guidance costs € 60 per 30 minutes.

  • A prana chakra treatment or mantra treatment costs € 75 per 30 minutes. Due to COVID-19 safety and precautions treatments to be booked for minimum 1 hour.

What is your working method?

  • When you come to us for the first time you book an intake consultation with Sangitha.

  • You can fill in an intake form at the reception.

  • After an extensive intake and a careful analysis of your problem, we draw up a treatment plan together with you. Completely customized, of course, especially for you, and depending on your time and your specific situation.

Can I cancel the appointment free of charge?

  • Yes you can free of charge up to 48 hours in advance.

  • If you are unable to attend an agreed consultation or treatment, it must be canceled 48 hours in advance.

  • In case of late cancellation, the costs for this consultation or treatment will be charged, regardless of the reason for cancellation. This also applies if, for whatever reason, you do not arrive at the agreed time and day.

Can I book a (relaxation) massage?

  • You can book a massage with us if necessary in the context of your treatment plan and medical necessity. Ordinary relaxation massages are not offered in our clinic. 

  • A first contact with us always starts with an intake consultation.

  • An Ayurvedic treatment (including, if necessary, a massage) or balancing the chakras can already be part of an initial intake consultation.

  • By the way, clients often come to us with complaints that give them the idea that they need a massage. Experience shows that for many clients the complaints are alleviated after an initial intake consultation without a massage having taken place.


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