Woman in Pain

I came here with fybromyalgia,.. so much pain and feeling so down

I came here with fibromyalgia, thanks to a friend. I am so very happy to have end up at this place. I was at my wits end, so much pain and feeling so down, it really didn't have to be for me anymore. I was also so indescribably tired. I got a treatment every week felt the same difference and learned a lot about my condition, yet after 4 weeks I said to my husband crying I don't know if I want to continue with this still so much pain. I was hopeless and in disbelief my husband said come on Maria you can not expect that complaints that you have had for 10 years go away in 4 weeks, so true of course, so continued with treatments now 8 weeks later, I am so happy !!! It goes so much better. Shangita really has magical hands she is so clearly open, honest and educational how and what. She gives your faith back, gives hope and confidence in your own body in your mental system, which is so important to be and stay on top of the fibromyalgia.



I have been going to the physiotherapist for 9 years for muscle pain

I have been going to the physiotherapist for muscle pains all over my body for nine years. Now finally ended up with Sanghita and it is really amazing that she can say and treat exactly where the pain is without having to ask. Never had such a treatment in all those years with 100 percent attention, love, focus. I really have every hope now!


Shoulder Treatment

She just knows where the pain is and that gives peace of mind

The reviews already tell you where to go. I've been there a few times now and don't think anyone is as experienced as Sanghita. Not only that makes Ayurveda Palms a place to go, but also that she is such a sweet, soothing woman where you can feel at ease and I don't have that easily. She's not just any doctor but understands more than other doctors who can't give you the relief like her and that's what makes her unique. It cannot be described in words, but you have to experience it yourself. They are not ordinary massages but great, she just knows where the pain is and that gives peace of mind. Glad I know her now too!


Healthy at any age

No one in the medical world could help me

No one in the medical world could help me. I had been in pain for a long time and kept a lot of fluid. I found Sangitha via the internet and her beautiful appearance in the photo immediately appealed to me. After the intake with her, I was pleasantly surprised. I now receive treatments to loosen my moisture, I eat differently and use herbs. All this has caused me to lose a lot of fluids and to go through life without pain. Every time it is nice to go because you always come out of it in complete rest. I really recommend everyone to go to her and especially if you think there is no help for you, there is and I am an example of that. 


Woman Walking in the Field

Dr. Sangitha is helping me a lot to treat my endometriosis

I'm Brazilian and I recently moved to Rotterdam. I used to do Ayurveda treatments in Brazil that always helped me to maintain a balanced life and here I was lucky to meet Dr Sangitha who is helping me a lot to treat my endometriosis and its effects in my body. She is a great doctor and a fantastic human being, with sensibility to see beyond the symptoms and treat you as a whole. Every session with her is a blessing for myself. If you need any help, don't hesitate to contact her!



I was dying because of a very aggressive form of rheumatism

Dr Sangitha is a rare type of doctor. As an allopathic doctor, and highly skilled alternative medicine practitioner she knows not only the body very well, but also understands the human psychology and how that impacts health and well being. On top of that she walks a spiritual path with high integrity and unites all these three qualities in her person and treatments. More then ten years ago I was dying because of a very aggressive form of rheumatism and the consequences of a severe CO poisoning. Through a big transformation and a change of inner and outer way of life I healed. Recently the aggressive rheumatism came back and I was bound to bed for weeks unable to move by myself. I was dying again, but this time I felt I couldn’t come back. A most dear friend Dario who became aware of the emergency of the situation brought Dr Sangitha into my home and she and her assistant were doing the most amazing treatment I’ve ever received. With hot oil and water Sangitha was freeing my body and bringing my spirit back into it which had been already far gone. She even burned her hand at some point and finished the treatment with one hand. I was treated with medical skill, hands-on massage and love, which was necessary to bring me back to life. After this initial life saving treatment I continued treatments with Sangitha and each time I got better and better. It’s amazing how she can remove swollen joints and blockages in the body and also the mind. She relies on a greater force through prayer in humbleness which makes this treatments so special. I can not put in words how deeply touched and thankful I felt after this first treatment to Sangitha and her assistant who helped with great devotion. And I’m deeply grateful to my friend who brought her to me. My eyes fill with tears each time I think of it. 


woman 6

Vanaf mijn 14de jaar heb ik last van menstruatiepijnen en pms klachten 

Via google reviews I ended up at Ayurveda palms. From the age of 14 I suffer from menstrual pains and also suffer from PMS complaints such as headaches. I just couldn't work, had surgery on endometriosis and tried everything, nothing worked. I saw on the internet that Ayurveda can help with pain due to endometriosis and so I started googling and came across Ayurveda Palms. When I went to Mrs. Sangitha for the first treatment, she put me at ease. I feel very good. I also got a massage. The massage also showed that all muscles were tight. After the massage I also felt very good. I have also received a diet that I adhere to. I have also received capsules. I was often very tired. I now have more energy. I quickly noticed that the headaches and periods have become less painful. I need a few more treatments and then I hope the pain is gone for good. I know there are a lot of women who suffer from this, that's why I'm sharing my story. I recommend people to come to Ayurveda palms. I thank Mrs. Sangitha for helping me and doing her job with a lot of love.


Back Pain

My mysculoskeletal complaints decreased significantly

Once on the advice of a friend, I received extensive treatment and advice. My musculoskeletal complaints decreased significantly. In conversation with Dr. Sangitha are few and far between and you get great understanding. Something another must see in a photo, Dr. Sanghita already to the touch. Many years later I have not forgotten her and happy is still there and in full force. Now I had very cramps and pain in my legs. After 1 treatment I could walk smoother again after 2nd and 3rd his complaints disappeared like snow in the sun. I hope she can continue to practice her work and passion for a long time to come. Thanks Dr. Sanghita.


old couple

Ik had mijn stok niet meer nodig en kon praktisch weer normaal lopen

Ik had maanden lang heel veel pijn aan mijn knie. Ik kon er niet goed van slapen. Het medische systeem had weinig begrip. Ns maanden in pijn geleefd te hebben ging mijn pijn na een tweede bezoek aan Ayurveda Palms praktisch weg. Luister. Ik grap echt niet. Mijn pijn ging letterlijk in enkele minuten weg. Stijfheid ging ook weg. Ik had mijn stok niet meer nodig en kon praktisch weer normaal lopen. God bracht mij hier voor de genezing. Je hoeft niet met pijn te leven. Van alle dokters in Nederland is dr. Sangitha echt de beste genezer met Gods hulp.

Dank u.

Otmar (april 2009)

Mature Woman

Ik kwam hier twee dagen geleden met een rechtszijdige verlamming, hemiplegia

Ik kwam hier twee dagen geleden met een rechtszijdige verlamming, hemiplegia, niet in staat mijn rechter arm en hand goed te gebruiken. Ik kon ook niet goed lopen. Na drie dagen van intense therapie, gebruik ik nu mijn rechterhand weer heel veel en loop ik beter. Ik neem de wonder-paste en andere oliën met me mee terug naar Londen om te gebruiken naast de fysiotherapie. Dank u tante Sangitha dat u mij geholpen heeft! 

Nicola (juli 2009)

woman 2

Volgens de dokter was het een hernia die alleen te verhelpen zou zijn met een operatie.

Ik loop al zeven jaar met kniepijn, rugpijn en pijn tussen mijn schouderbladen. Er zijn foto's gemaakt en een echo scan, hieruit bleek alles goed te zijn. Volgens de dokter bleek/scheen het een hernia te zijn nadat ik hem mijn opgezwollen ruggengraat liet zien. Deze hernia zou alleen te verhelpen zijn met een operatie. Uiteindelijk ben ik in contact gekomen met Sangitha Khosla via een vriendin. Mevrouw Khosla is een dokter en heeft een kliniek in welzijn en schoonheid. Nadat ik een aantal behandelingen heb gehad van haar voelde ik mij vele malen beter. Mijn huisarts heeft mij zelfs verteld dat ik geen hernia meer heb. Allemaal met dank aan Sangitha.

Azra (september 2009)


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