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We're here to help you feel

The 45 years succesful blend of Ayurveda, chakra therapy, cosmic energy, spiritual love and education.

1.000 five stars Google reviews


"My dream is to create a collective universal happiness and harmony with sharing pure joy!"

- Sangitha Khosla
   Ayurvedic Health Counselor 


Ayurveda Palms is a health and wellness clinic by Sangitha Khosla. She is a qualified and experienced healthcare provider and accelerator of vital life energy (prana) and happiness. We advocate proactive holistic well-being and combine Ayurveda with chakra therapy, cosmic energy, spiritual love and education.


Do you also want more light and love for your soul, feelings of peace, tranquility and comfort and an irresistible attraction?


We help courageous people who dare to take the leap towards greater self-esteem and harmony. Together we make the dream concrete and start the journey that could change your life forever. We face challenges every day and we don't give up. We really want to make a difference by going deep into helping people. We don't like to leave anything to chance.

With 40 years of experience and more than 50,000 consultation hours, Sangitha knows what it takes for:

  • Positive results regarding depression, addiction, chronic stress, burnout, pain, PTSD, imbalance and chronic health problems caused by physical, mental and emotional stress;

  • more inner harmony and harmony with your environment and

  • excellent emotional health: Brave, strong and fearless!

Our philosophy

Whether it concerns Ayurveda, chakra reading, emotional or spiritual counseling, balancing doshas, ​​Ayurvedic diet plan, pain treatment, facelift, yoga, aura cleansing, pranayama or panchakarma, we have all disciplines and treatment options in-house.

The treatments are characterized by:

One on one healing

Very personal anprivate.

Sangitha Khosla practices psychology with a twist: She wants to be your friend and not your therapist; be there for you when you need her.

Spiritual lessons

Vibration and energy

In our opinion, a positive result can only be achieved if a treatment is accompanied by personal attention, love and compassion. Every person is special to us. Our experience is that we are often able to make a good diagnosis, remove pain, dispel darkness and generate new energy. 

You don't have to be sick to come to us. Ayurveda also focuses on prevention. We provide spiritual education and support in character building, self-esteem, self-love and spiritual growth. We help to find opportunities to 'find yourself' and to learn to appreciate yourself more, to feel inner harmony, to experience harmony with your environment and ultimately to master the quality of compassion towards everyone.

Meditation with personal

Most treatments result in immediate relief. Our treatment is different, our approach unique. Since 1997 we have helped many people at our clinic and we are here to help you too. 

Healing wellness

To support the healing process, healing products are used, based on the Vedas and generations-old secret family recipes.


We geven graag les over Ayurveda: de wetenschap van het leven. 'Ayu' betekent leven en 'Veda' betekent kennis. Volgens Ayurveda wil 'niet ziek zijn' niet zeggen dat je ook gezond bent. Gezondheid is niet alleen de afwezigheid van ziekte, maar een toestand van volledig fysiek, mentaal, sociaal en spiritueel welzijn. We hebben een complete reeks cursussen, webinars en Healing Journeys ontwikkeld om jou, jouw familie en vrienden te informeren over Ayurveda en hoe je een lang en gezond leven kunt leiden; hoe je je lichaam in balans brengt, je geest voedt en je ziel wakker maakt.

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Balance your Body

Learn to find the perfect balance with the food that fits your constitution. Courses include tea, ayurvedic cooking class and food.

Price 199,-

Date : coming soon

Nourish your Mind

Learn to master your thoughts and emotions like anger and greed, and become brave, strong and fearless. Courses include tea and ayurvedic snack.

Price 199,-

Date : coming soon

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Awaken your Soul

Learn that you are not your body and what steps to take on the path of Self-realisation. Courses include tea, ayurvedic snack.

Price 199,-

Date : coming soon

I went to Sanghita for the first time 2 months ago after reading a lot of reviews. Being a bit suspicious/sober that I was, I made an appointment for an intake. Sanghita was able to tell me things she could never have known and managed to touch a sensitive nerve. After the intake I already felt like a completely different person. I felt light and much more grounded. Since then I have been going every other week and she has already opened many chakras that were closed. She helps me to feel more love, trust, joy and more relaxed. Thank you Ayurveda Palms!

Anouk de Vrij

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