Smiling Pregnant Woman

I came to her with back pain, varices and heavy restless legs

Sangitha helped me so much on every levels during my pregnancy. I came to her with back pain, varices and heavy restless legs and got healed in a few sessions. Also came out way more balanced and confident. Now I know what a real healer is. 


Pregnant Woman

I felt that my baby had not enough space to freely move and grow

I went to see Sangitha recommended by a dear friend, so she could accompany me during my pregnancy.My body fully trusted her since the very beginning and each session brought me closer to my baby.The most amazing experience was the day I shared with her that I felt my baby had not enough space to freely move and grow, I could feel it and I was a bit shy to share it since the midwife found everything ok. Sangitha placed her loving hands over the place where I felt I was contracted and completely understood what I was referring to. After couple of minutes of her work, she cleared that area and since that moment I can really feel the difference in my body, as a gift for my baby who could freely move and change position after that. Thank God I shared this with her as my midwife told me this was something "normal" during pregnancy. This was literally an opening. An opening to life, connection and sacred space for my baby. Each session is a gift I give to myself and to the growing life inside myself; me and my family will be forever grateful for that.Thanks Sangitha for your generous gift of being there with us, wholeheartedly, and for opening your heart and healing hands for us to have a safe place where to rest. A privilege to share this path with you!


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I was able to keep calm, positive and focussed with Sangitha's help

I have been treated by Sanghita who is a gracious professional and human being since Spring of 2017. I was diagnosed with a serious thyroid issue and after a few months out of the blue I discovered I was 3 months pregnant. Throughout this challenging period I was able to keep calm, focused and positive with Sanghita's help. The weekly treatments not only have made me feel vigorous and strong but have helped me go through the whole pregnancy like a breeze and my health problems have improved. I highly recommend Sanghita's practice, as soon as you walk in you feel a sense of inner peace and familiarity which is hard to find these days. Sanghita does become like family, her warm smile brightens anyone's day and she is always willing to help no matter what. The rest of the staff is super professional and nice, hat off to Natashia who is always responsive at all hours and super organised. Million thanks!!!



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